January 28, 2019
Kenect Invite
Last Updated: January 30, 2019


Within the next couple of days we'll be rolling out a sign up link to give 90 or more Chicagoans "Co-Founder "status and equity in Kenect - completely free, in an effort to create the largest Member-owned Network and Tech company in the world.

We have aggressive and bold plans to quickly grow User Adoption (by selectively choosing individuals who we think already have good networks and/or a good "voice" here in Chicago) and once Kenect reaches a certain point of saturation, we'll immediately monetize it in Chicago. We've already devised a very manageable strategy, which includes the offering of 10 attractive channels, which are comprised of:

  • Premium Feature Upgrades
  • Premium Feature Add-ons
  • A Partner/Affiliate ecosystem and, finally
  • A unique weekly Startup/Idea competition*

*where entrants can win up to $25K in cash and prizes (including some business services from various sponsors).

All our monetization methods are very easy to place/implement right on top of the platform - while still keeping the entire base of it free. Thereby creating no disruption to the User experience. Our utmost focus however is and will always be to offer valuable networking features and a free digital community for professionals, entrepreneurs and startups in Chicago (and we do have plans to roll out Kenect nationally once we lock down the Chicago Market). 

And, yes, we have the experience (in monetization, digital marketing and technology) to execute this and have taken concepts successfully from idea to profitable before as part of our own entrepreneurial ventures and our client-focused projects. It's all about having an Audience and we believe there are already plenty of Media Channels in Chicago, such as websites, organizations, magazines, etc. that have reasonably small audience bases yet still command extremely attractive RPU (revenue per user) to use as benchmarks. We believe there are various networking tools and features that can and should be offered in a much less restrictive than certain famous websites and apps are currently offering. And, if we're right - tons of entrepreneurs could become extremely active and engaged on Kenect almost immediately, thus establishing one of the most formidable young professional audiences in the city. 

Kenect is in BETA right now, but available on the App Store - we're adding some final features aggressively and fast, so we'll be pushing a few more App updates live over the next couple of weeks. But we encourage you to go ahead and download the app now and take a peek. If something doesn't work, it's probably because we're finalizing the feature or adding a few more modifications to it before we officially launch (into Alpha from Beta).

We'll send invites for the Co-Founder/Equity claims to all members of the App first, so just download it and create and account with an email where we can send it to once the final details are ready. 

In the interim, here are just some of the Kenect Mobile App’s key features: 

  • Nearby Match Alerts - The App tells you when a match is nearby
  • #Interest-based Matching - Infinite #hashtag-powered matching
  • Kenect-Blasts - Public Posts & Opportunities by Members
  • Tele-Kenect - Change your location to network anywhere
  • Advanced Filters - Search for Members using various criteria
  • Schedule Calendar - Send/Accept/View Meeting Requests
  • Open Platform - Unrestricted networking tools & features*

Note: Kenect is totally free and gives Users access to all the networking tools & features it has available. However, we take privacy and safety very seriously and the one feature we do restrict is all Nearby Map related features. We never show other Users where you are and/or who you are at the same time.

Thank you, 

Kenect Core Founding Team