December 03, 2015
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Last Updated: January 28, 2019

What is Kenect?

Kenect is the most powerful professional networking tool on the planet - in a mobile app. It's powered by the Kenect AI.

What is Kenect AI?

A powerful, patent-pending, non-invasive AI technology that allows Users to passively discover virtually anything imaginable - from people to places, events, products, things, etc. 

What makes Kenect different from LinkedIn and all the other professional networking apps?

Kenect utilizes a variety of recent native mobile technology, as well as a collection of unique technology applications to create a powerful, far less limiting experience than all the existing networking platforms. In addition, Kenect was designed to work for you. Not the other way around. You can sign up for Kenect, fill out your profile and never open the app again - unless you receive a "kenection" of course. 

Recent Native Mobile Technology

- Kenect utilizes background GPS detection and geo-fencing to show you results, matches, people, places, etc that are "nearby"
- Kenect sends you Push Notifications and Rich Push Notifications (with image/video) whenever it detects another Members, Place, Event, Product, etc. around you
- Kenect was also designed to protect your privacy, while still utilizing the type of data most apps use to perform almost like your own Virtual Networking Assistant
- Kenect uses #hashtags in its matching algorithms, which allows for much faster searching, matching and processing
- We can't give away all our secrets ;)

Unique Technology Applications

- Kenect doesn't limit you. It's the most open platform on the planet.
- It's completely free, yet, as we grow we plan to offer optional upgrades to Users who want to be more proactive
- Member-to-Member messaging is easy and wide open. Everyone has their own SMS-text style Inbox
- Posting Pubkasts is sort of like Member Classifieds - and other Members can easily respond (you can even send them Push Notification Updates)
- You can use an Advanced Member search at any time featuring a variety of criteria/parameters
- And, it goes on and on.



Have more questions? Please feel free to email us! We're a very friendly, open and available team!

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